Vestacp install ubuntu

Posted on 17.06.2018 by Rey
Hostnamectl will directly update the kernel about the change in the hostname, and you dont need to reboot the machine afterward. Type y to Continue Through the Script. When asked if you want to proceed, enter. Replace it with your domain name throughout this tutorial.

This guide explain you how to install VestaCP on respective Linux Distribution with ease.

Vestacp install ubuntu 2
Stebel Nautilus Dual-Tone Motorcycle Horn. Download the installation script. It packs a bunch of features by default to allow you to host and manage your websites with ease on your VPS. The VestCP website provides an awesome way to customize and generate the VestaCP install command, so you can configure your installation right a way. You might also like these shops. If you decide to log in as root, you can leave out the sudo command in all of the following commands.
If you run it elsewhere, the script will be saved in that directory. Now you can select your settings in accordance with your requirements. Next One it will be Damon Baird from GoW Judgment With Glowing Goggles. How to Install CentOS Web Panel. Given below are steps to be followed for applying online for a Bharat gas new connection, vestacp install ubuntu. This installation script will install the control panel and all its dependencies to your server. Apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get dist-upgrade.