How can i use magnanimous in a sentence

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Velva
Or the magnanimous Islam of mercy and wisdom lived by Prophet Muhammad. How do you spell magnanimous in a sentence. When looking at all the sports, it is easy to see that boxing is the least magnanimous to the loser. And somehow or another, despite them knowing we are partisan, we are now expected to be constructing some magnanimous equalitarian forum here at our personal blogs.

Adjective - noble and generous in spirit.

A man conceives of such an office as the very noblest for a woman. He worships her for it if he is magnanimous. He had no desire to grapple with her, fling and humiliate. He had his days of disappointment too, but he was equally gracious and magnanimous in both victory and defeat. In a statement, Hanabusa called Case's decision a most magnanimous gesture.

How to use magnanimous in a sentence.

I dont know if any of you gals. The lines of text below use magnanimous in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for magnanimous. King Frederick William, in a magnanimous gesture, presented the entire room to the tsar. Example sentences with the word magnanimous.