3rd gear grinds when shifting

Posted on 12.06.2018 by Admin
If doing it yourself, make sure to follow the shop manual step by step. Spent the last month or so soaking up everything I could before making the plunge. Grinding When Shifting in to Gear.

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Idk if this is normal during break in period, but any thoughts. Engine Dies Hard to Shift Out of Gear Grinding. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. And the file clearly does not get louder when their is a lot of headroom, 3rd gear grinds when shifting. As I was new to driving a stick and the car is older, I evetually had to get a new clutch. Shifts should be crisp with minimal grinding when shifting in to gear. I took it back to my mechanic, he bled the slave cylinder and the noise is still there.

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The dealership says it's likely a synchro problem. But it hasn't caused me any problems like that today. Under moderate acceleration there is no noise. However, it is now applicable to the outsourcing of services. Anyone else have any experience with this.