What does the london 2012 olympic logo represent

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In general, the logo received very negative feedback with one of the most common scathing critiques being that it. My friends all quite like it - they feel its something for them, something for their area. What graphical techniques do they employ. It represents the dynamism of London as the world sees it, always changing and always vibrant.

I think the logo with it's sharp angles, strong shapes, defined edges and bright colours does a great job of representing the actual traits of London.

What does the london 2012 olympic logo represent 1
But to Iran, it refers to the enemy, Israel. Let's face it, first of all in this hyper-accelerated society, the logos are almost dead. Get useful tech tricks, tips and tutorials delivered to your inbox. It's a big metaphor for me, the way that it changes colour, he told BBC Sport. Representing five continents, and the colors are used for the flags of participating countries.

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What does the london 2012 olympic logo represent
The country claims that the logo for the games resembles the word Zion. I think people weren't expecting it and so their reaction was negative. Do share your comments with us. However the logo has incorporated a variety of colours, including the Union Flag to promote the handover ceremony.