What does a red dot on a woman forehead mean

Posted on 16.06.2018 by Desirae
Today, women often wear dots that match the color of their saris. It represents a third, inner eye. It means you have a red dot on the forehead or a pimple no just kidding.

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The dot is a Hindu, not Indian, tradition. They also put a line of this powder along the parting of hair on their head. Hindu tradition holds that all people have three eyes, the two outer ones used for seeing the outside world, the third one focusing inward toward God. The red dot on a Hindu woman's forehead is nothing more than an indicator of her marital status. What does it mean if your born with a dot in the middle or your eyebrows. On a male's forehead it signifies of worshipping. It is a common error to confuse the terms Hindu and Indian, though.
What does a red dot on a woman forehead mean
The majority of Indians are of the Hindu faith, but not all of them. It is an auspicious mark worn by Hindus in India. This can be also one beautiful greeting card for father's day.