What is arc flash protection boundary

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Therefore, the arc-flash boundary has legal weight as a boundary that must be observed in workplaces in order for employers to meet their general duty obligations for workplace safety. Arc Flash Restricted Approach Boundary. The two shock protection boundaries are intended to protect workers from this second hazard.
What is arc flash protection boundary
The arc flash boundary is based on voltage, the available fault current and the time it takes for the upstream protective device to operate and clear the fault. Arc Flash Protection Boundary outer boundary. The Limited Approach Boundary is the normal stay-back distance for unqualified persons that is, people without any special training or equipment. How do I determine the flash protection boundary. Most equipment that poses an arc flash hazard also presents a risk of electric shock. Outward, which may endanger employees working on electrical equipment. Move closer and the incident energy can go up dramatically.

No untrained personnel may approach any closer to the energized item than this boundary.

As the distance from the arc flash decreases, additional PPE shall be used for any parts of the body that are closer than the distance at which the incident energy was determined. Protection from Electric Shock. Threaded galvanized pipe in a T fitting. As a result of the employer is responsible to promote electrical safety in the work place. All iphones- change itunes app store country region. If you need tech support at any given. How to Attract More Deer to My Property.