How do i block senders in outlook 2010

Posted on 15.06.2018 by Admin
How do I find the size of the blocked sender file and the number of senders supposedly blocked. Using the ribbon, select the Home tab and then click Rules. What's your account configured in Outlook. Com format in addition to the domain.

After testing, post questions to overcome any specific problems that you cannot solve yourself.

How do i block senders in outlook 2010 1
Email from this sender will now automatically route to the trash. How can I switch it to have sender name on top of subject. Bouncing email is a server function and not something you can replicate using an email client. How do I keep the Blocked Senders on the list when I re-open Outlook.
Make any changes you want, and select Save to save your change. Continue to follow the rest and then the log will open in notepad. Want to be able to search your Junk mail too. For guitar players just starting their journey, the thought of actually playing a song can be daunting.